• Modular Design

    On the RootAnt platform you can replace or add any one component (module) without affecting the rest of the system.

  • S.O.A

    Service-oriented architecture means using only the services you wish. The RootAnt platform is independent of venders, products and technologies.

  • Open APIs

    Open APIs mean implementing only the service you want, while building profitable partnerships with market innovators.

Better experience

  • UX/UI Design

    It’s design that define the user experience and technology that build it. Clearing the core value brought to the user and drawing the end-to-end process is the key to design a satisfying user experience which will make huge differences.

  • Cross Platform

    FrontAnt™️ Framework is an innovative financial system front-end development framework by RootAnt, which brings an easy to use interface for mobile and desktop platform, it is developed with a fast speed and secure architecture.

  • One account

    One of the key factors of user experience comes from easy access to the platforms, RootAnt account middleware connecting with different account systems to provide investors with the ability of single-sign-on, which will get rid of the frustrated experience such as forgotten username/ password for different accounts, etc.

Enterprise grade

Launching a robust and scalable financial solution quickly and affordably is important for modern financial institutions. It has been designed as a cost-effective, flexible and quick-to-market investment solution for financial institutions.

  • Robust

    The environment is designed for 24x7 operation with no single point of failure, built and operated by a team of engineers and DevOps professionals with rich in experience dealing with enterprise operations.

  • Secure

    Based on a layered defense approach incorporating preventative, detective and reactive controls at the infrastructure, application and operational layers to ensure that the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of information assets is assured.

  • Scalable

    The RootAnt platform is a flexible, adaptable, and scalable technology stack that can leverage data science effectively meaning the RootAnt platform scales to your needs and grows with you.

Cloud and Data

  • Rapid deployment

    Dramatically reduce setup risk and maintain your new platform for a fraction of the cost of a legacy system. Compete in the market and grow your margins, with minimal CAPEX and a more efficient OPEX.

  • Leverage data

    Access detailed, real-time customer data through state-of-the-art data warehousing, understand customers with machine learning technology and present tailored, relevant in-house and third-party services.

  • Multi-deployment

    RootAnt has two deployment options: in the cloud or local. The economics of the cloud mean you can pay as you grow and only pay for the space you use. For higher security reason, deployment with private data center is also an option.